Longitude for iPhone

Version 1.7 - $1.99 - Available in Cydia (Jailbroken only)

Longitude is an automatic background updater for Google Latitude, keeping Latitude up-to-date with your location without any work on your part. Just install the app, configure it once, and you're set!

Google Latitude enables you to share your location with friends, alert your friends when you're nearby, keep track of where you are throughout the day, find your iPhone if it's lost, or keep an eye on your kids!

Q. Are my Google credentials transmitted to or stored on your server?
A. No, Longitude securely transmits your information directly to Google. Your login credentials and location information are not stored or even transmitted through our servers.

Q. Do I need to leave Longitude open to update my location?
A. No, this is done automatically. A separate process runs in the background and updates Google Latitude on the interval you have set within the app.

Q. Why can't I see Longitude running from my process manager (such as SBSettings)?
A. Most process managers only display applications that provide an interface. The background process responsible for updates does not have an interface, and thus does not appear in most cases.

Q. Will Longitude affect my battery life?
A. As with any app that runs in the background, Longitude will decrease your battery life. By what extent it decreases depends on the update interval you choose. Remember that each time your location is updated, your phone wakes up, turns on the GPS for up to a minute, and then sends 3 requests to Google. We recommend setting your update interval to no less than 15 minutes. We are currently researching ways to decrease battery usage.

Q. Is there a way to set the accuracy detail per friend?
A. Yes, however this is a feature of Google Latitude and not Longitude. Sign into Latitude to set these options.

Q. How do I turn off Longitude so it doesn't update Google Latitude at all?
A. Launch Longitude, tap Settings, and switch Enable to off.

Q. Can I disable Longitude without going into the app?
A. Yes, an SBSettings toggle is automatically installed with Longitude.

Q. Is there a way to remotely modify the settings in Longitude?
A. Not at this time.

Q. Do you collect any information from my phone?
A. Your device's unique identifier and operating system version are sent to our server as part of the activation system.  We do not collect or store any personally identifiable information.
Version 1.712/5/2011
* New user interface
* Now using the Google Latitude APIs and sign-in process, enabling two-factor authentication and greatly improved reliability

Version 1.6.39/8/2011
Repaired activation

Version 1.6.28/15/2010
* Fixed SBSettings toggle
* Fixed a bug that caused some phones to reboot intermittently

Version 1.6.18/12/2010
* Fixed crash on older jailbreaks

Version 1.68/11/2010
* iOS 4 compatibility
* Fixed bug that caused iPhone to power on at update intervals

Version 1.5.31/28/2010
Fixed intermittent -1012 error code

Version 1.5.21/11/2010
Enhanced in-app diagnostic support for quicker troubleshooting

Version 1.5.11/1/2010
* International support
* Improved battery life and memory footprint
* Fixed memory leak
* SBSettings toggle
* Update Now button
* Last update result
* Additional update intervals
* Latitude no longer displays "Your location is set manually"
* About screen updated & scrolls
* New support section with FAQs
* Support request with built-in diagnostics for quick troubleshooting
* No more dependency on the iGoogle page

Version 1.0.412/6/2009
Initial release

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